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This publication has had many transitions to keep up with the ever evolving times with modern technologies and the high demand for instant access to information. The magazine H&H Publishing has owned has changed names a number of times since 1903, making the publication the 6th oldest publication in American history! 

In late September 2018, ownership was taken over by the current Editor, Kaylynn Cole of both Better Beagling & Hounds and Hunting magazines. Both publications promote a hunting and/or field trial beagle all AKC registered. The beagle breed is so diverse and each pedigree carrying a variety of dominate traits allows a variety of people with different interests to enjoy the breed. H&H Publishing has united ALL formats that the beagle competes into one publication. Simply put, if it is a Beagle, it is welcome in this publication! There is a good read for every interest in beagling each month in our publication.

The amount of material per format/section may vary each month depending on the amount of submissions received from that particular group. We cannot control the material submitted to us but we can publish what is submitted. 

If you are interested in a sample copy, please contact us at 812-889-2400. 

Thank you.

Meet The Editor

By Kaylynn Williams-Cole

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I thought it would be a good idea to write a piece to introduce myself to our readers. Let me start by thanking Tom and Tamah DePriest for working with me and allowing me to purchase H&H Publishing (Better Beagling & Hounds and Hunting magazines). I have worked in the H&H office the past two years and have been writing articles for seven years for Hounds and Hunting. Working here allowed me to finish my degree and gain experience for other professional opportunities. To be writing this article as Editor in Chief makes me stand proud. Now to get to know me a little bit.

I have always owned a beagle. The love of hounds is in my bloodline. My Great-Great grandfather had Fox Hounds. Then my Great Grandfather, Simon Williams was a coonhunter from the mountains of Pineville, KY. My Grandpa Eddie continued the tradition of keeping and hunting coonhounds for most of his life and now he has gone to squirrel dogs. At age 81 he still likes to hunt and fish every chance he gets. My dad, my greatest mentor, started with beagles in 1979 when he was 18 years old and has never gone a day without them. My dad had three sons before me, two of them will rabbit hunt with him but they are not into the “sport” of Beagling. I am the youngest and only girl in my family so of course, I’m most like my dad and took up the love of hounds. I’m his rabbit and squirrel hunting buddy. He says I am pick of the litter but I know it’s just because I’m the only female and my dad never runs males!

My dad and I have owned many different bloodlines and had dogs that have ran in many different formats including AKC field trials, ARHA Progressive Pack hounds, Branko’s, Gunsmoke, and Oakhill bloodlines to name a few. We have owned champions both NKC and AKC registered. Really, we never focused on papers as much when I was young, we just needed those hounds to bring a rabbit around to the gun and that was what mattered to us. Dad field trialed heavy in the 80’s and early 90’s. He went back to just rabbit hunting when I was born. When I was 11 years old my uncle Rusty Salyer brought me to my first AKC field trial at Chicago Beagle Club and it was ran at John Taroli’s place. I also signed up for the Junior Handler program with George Pirman that day. Rusty let me handle his two males who finished 2nd and NBQ that day. NBQ was with Field Champion Track’em Down Smokin Joe. I could write an entire article on Joe and the triumphs we went through, but I want you to know that day at Chicago, Joe sparked a fire that is still burning within me and motivates me to continue in the sport of Beagling. It’s not really the people that inspire me to be involved, it’s the hounds.

            I always ran my dogs in the wild which can make it hard to compete at field trials today. I would saddle my horse and I would use a saddle bag to haul the dogs down the road to my running spot since I was about 12. Often the dogs would ride in the saddle with me. The neighbors waved and I made them laugh. I can imagine it was quite a sight seeing this young girl riding down the road with a few hounds in the saddle or walking with a stringer of hounds and a shotgun during hunting season.

Time went on and I never missed a trial. I’d hitch a ride with whoever would take me and my dogs so I could compete. Beagling is full of wonderful people and thanks to all of you that gave me a ride down the highway to live a dream. The week after I turned 16, I woke up around 4am and loaded dogs in my Dad’s Ford Ranger. I had just started working and the first purchase I made was a $50 dog box that I still use today. I took off for Clay County’s trial and didn’t tell anyone I was going. When my dad woke up, he called to see if I had gone to the store. When I told him I was at a field trial almost 3 hours away, I could feel him shake his head at me but he still wished me luck. I still can’t remember if I did any good, I want to say I got 3rd but either way, the experience was worth it! I’ve never had a fear of traveling alone and did most of the time. My poor mother worried about me every weekend but they never told me I couldn’t go. Even though my ventures scared my parents to death, they still let me dream. That is the support it takes to allow your children to grow.

I’m a firm believer it takes a good hound to get a kid hooked on field trialing and I was fortunate to have one. My first field champion, Janssens Stylish KW Pic. I got pic in 2008 as a derby and was partners with Bruce Janssen, another great mentor of mine. Pic placed in every trial I ever put him in except three and is a two-time national show champion. Placing and winning every weekend got me hooked. That old dog has taught me more about field trials and people than anyone else could. Anything I have done or anything I do in the future for the sport, know that Pic inspired it. High school years can be hard on a young girl but I was lucky, I had Pic. Everyday I’d watch the clock in class to hurry home to him so we could hit the field. I had a partner in my ventures and he traveled everywhere with me riding shotgun. It’s going to be a tough day when he goes, but that will be a whole other article.

Meanwhile, at every big event I attended, the Purina booth always welcomed me and let me help pass out dogfood and even started answering questions for people at events. Eddie Wiley would announce that I was at every event like I was part of the team. At the age of 17, I was asked to be an ambassador and I accepted with honor. On April 11, 2011 I started working with Purina and since then it is amazing the doors that have opened, including this magazine.

I have always been dedicated to ensuring a bright future for the sport. As a past junior handler myself, I had the experience to manage a program from the junior handler’s perspective. Then with the help of a few good friends including Sam Butler, Eddie Wiley, and Karl Gunzer with Purina we started the America’s Junior Hander Program in 2013. I was in my Freshman year of college and loved every minute of this experience. At the same time, I worked in the Foundation/Scholarship office of the college. With this I was able to learn the administrative side of managing such a program and learn strategic methods of fundraising that allowed the program to grow to over 300 members and financially healthy. The largest beagle youth program in world history.

At the same time, I was handling “professionally” to pay my college tuition. I’d like to thank Roy Budd for allowing me to trial is fine males back then and paying my tuition. Mr. Budd’s wife is Ball State University’s past president so they had a dedication to a person getting an education. I am the first in my family to receive a bachelor’s degree and I have to thank Roy and Jo Ann M. Gora for their support.

In 2015, I married a beagler, Caleb Cole. His family includes HOF member Glenn Cole. I thought with his pedigree and mine, we’d make a great cross to produce another beagler. So in the Spring of 2016 our son was born, Tucker Cole. Tucker takes a lot after both sides but his love of animals comes from his bottom side for sure. I have been fortunate to accomplish a lot in my short life but he is my greatest accomplishment. With him, I hope to always support our youth and beagles.

I am 24 years old and my life has been a whirlwind to say the least. I feel like I did everything a little backwards. I started a career and then I had Tucker, got married, finished college and here I am writing for you all. I am now a business owner, a Sporting Consultant for Purina, a college graduate, a mother, a wife and all because I was a Beagler first. If I can give any advice it would be this. Always be kind. You never know who you are going to meet in this small world and the opportunities that could arise. Everything that has happened in my life, the fortunes I’ve received, are all because of beagles and being dedicated to the breed and its future. Stay considerate of people’s feelings and how they feel about their hounds. If they make them happy, no matter their pedigree or abilities, be happy for them because it truly takes all kinds. Be the best version of you that you can be.

As the new Editor, I pledge to give you the best I can be. I wrote this article not to brag, but to let our readers know that the person behind the publication truly understands all material that is submitted and supports you. It’s the heart of my existence. I hope in our future publications, readers will find it entertaining and full of useful information. However, I am always learning and hoping to improve. Any changes made are what I feel are in the best interest of the publication and I hope you readers enjoy it. If you have a story to share, please email it to houndsandhunting@gmail.com to be considered for publishing.

Keep’em Running! -KW

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